Why C6?

What’s the idea behind it?

To raise awareness among young people and youth about the challenges we face due to climate change and educate them about healthy and sustainable lifestyle via creative, engaging and practical methods such as handbooks, e-learning, workshops, exhibitions.




Combat Climate Change

The Code Red Awareness

The C6 World has addressed the voices of youth and The Code Red  awareness among youth is high. With the world of C6 we have been inventing the creative and cultural industries globally. The health of the planet and the health of each one of us interlinked.  Small changes in our lifestyles can reduce our collective carbon footprint, with the eyes of the artist our 6 creative partners have collaborated to design a new educational platform.

Engage Youth in Every City

In the two year learning process, 2021 – 2023, the partnership between artists and young climate activists evolved in two 2 Creative Climate Camps. In January 2022 in Copenhagen and in September in the City of Sansepolcro, Italy.  Creative team building, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and conversations have shaped the creative outcome of C6. We invite youth to engage with us and we invite teams of youngsters in every city to engage in creative design thinking processes. You find more information about our Creative, Culture and Collaboration to Combat Climate Change, in our C6 Handbook.  The Code Red is happening in your city, join your team and engage in a global culture for cooler lifestyles, that also cool the planet. 

Creative E-Learning

When you look into the mirror and tell yourself that you can change the world, you know that you cannot face climate change on your own. The idea of changing something comes from the idea of changing something within. We invite you to join us in the continuation of our learning process and to Explore the World of C6. This sign of the time, it is imperative for a lifestyle change and to face climate change in a cool way.  Cool people can cool the planet. Join us on a net zero campaign. If we can, can you? Can it be cool to be ecological?

Now, more than ever, access to education is crucial, and having a skilled, open, and creative young generation is essential, especially when looking into the future. The covid-19 pandemic has enormously disrupted education and training which has spurred innovative solutions to keep emerging, with everyone accepting the ongoing changes and adapting fast. As part of the recovery process Europe needs to focus on boosting creativity and enhancing social inclusion, tackle climate change and the need of sustainability, and the creative and cultural sectors, with the joint support of other key players, could collectively achieve that.

The greatest threat we all face today is climate change. Whether it is rising sea levels, extreme weather events, global temperature rise, shrinking ice sheets, we all must act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Along with the threat of global warming, we have faced a pandemic. Actions on climate change have been altogether slow, and now with covid-19 much of the focus has been shifted and we need to envision a more sustainable approach to tackle societal, environmental, and economic challenges.

The vision of the “Creativity, Culture and Collaboration to Combat Climate Change” project is to support and prepare youth to become true factors of change by learning about sustainability and climate change, and how to mitigate their negative impact on the environment through various actions. Moreover, the results we are striving to achieve will not only help each partner in the project to introduce new practices within their activities to help the next generation of green enthusiasts and change-makers, but will also leave a long-lasting change in each participant of the project, and beyond.

Creativity, Culture and Collaboration to Combat Climate Change

The project consortium consists of 6 partners from 5 countries (Denmark, Italy, Norway, UK, and Sweden) – SixtyEight Art Institute, People of 2050, CasermArcheologica, Norwegian Climate Network, Worldview Impact Foundation and Earthbanc. The partnership is made up of non-profit organizations, associations and SME – all supporting the main target group in this project (young people in the age of 18 to 29 years old (individuals, youth clubs and NGOs of young people within this age, etc) through various projects/ initiatives and activities.

Who Joined the C6 Community

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Creativity & I Can Save The Planet [Handbook]

Climate Voices [Educational Videos]

The Art of Sustainable Living [Creative Educational Content]C6 Digital Platform

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Why join us?

The community

to empower young students as Change Agents

to help students make a change in and with the local community

to help youngsters identify local needs, opportunities and challenge and turn environmental problems into business opportunities

to network with other organization across Europe through the online Project Platform


Trending News

Creativity, Culture, and Collaboration to Combat Climate Change.

Training Workshop, Copenhagen 24 – 28 January 2022.

6 days including arrival and departure days (5 nights) 5 days of work.
25 participants from 5 countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy, UK.

About the Training Workshop:

Climate change is the greatest threat we all face today. Whether it is rising sea levels, extreme weather, global temperature increases, or melting ice sheets, we all must act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Now, more than ever, education is crucial, and having a skilled, open, and creative young generation like you is essential.

Creativity, Culture, and Collaboration to Combat Climate Change.

Training Workshop, Sansepolcro, September 2022

About the Training Workshop:

The Sansepolcro training is the second appointment of the C6 project. The first one was held in Copenhagen in January 2022, and it was a wonderful adventure. Now we are ready for round two, and we are looking for participants willing to embark in the journey of learning about sustainability through art, with us. We will talk about climate change in a creative way , with workshops and performance side by side with artists. 


“My thesis gained momentum because of the hands-on skills I learned during my week with C6 in Copenhagen. Being present in a group of people like this will enrichen you with useful perspectives from all ages, gender, and nationalities.”
“C6 helped me to make a step towards more practical approaches to my research problem. Engaging with social sustainability means hands-on engaging with communities to get their perspectives. To do this in a respectful way is crucial to the success of a research.”

“After my experience in Copenhagen, I see research as successful, not only when the researchers gained perspectives to achieve what their study aims for, but when the engagement with participants made people feel like they are heard. This can bring people a feeling of empowerment, which I believe is pivotal to achieving social sustainability.”