Norwegian Climate Network

C6 stands for “Creativity, Culture, and Collaboration to Combat Climate Change”. The Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.

The C6 Consortium includes 6 Organizations: Norwegian Climate Network (Norway), Worldview Impact Foundation (UK), EarthBanc (Sweden), People of 2050 (Denmark), and 2 Art Institutions: SixtyEight Art Institute (Denmark) and CasermArcheologica (Italy).

It might sound defensive to explain the World of C6 from the perspective of what the initiative is not. On the other hand, it is an initiative facing climate change by the bull’s horn with creative energy from six different youth organizations in Europe.

Addressing rethinking our lifestyle in order to combat climate change, the world of C6 is neither G7 nor C40, it is a down-to-earth youth initiative, at the grassroots, riding a wave for global, civic culture with our creativity on fire!

The cultural and creative sectors are of high importance in terms of their economic footprint and employment. They spur innovation across the economy and contribute to numerous other channels for the positive social impact of well-being and health, education, inclusion, urban regeneration, etc. As these sectors are among the hardest hit by the pandemic, according to the OECD Policy Responses to Coronavirus, the cultural and creative sectors could help in raising awareness about the “complex challenges of climate change” and rebooting something new. The overall long-term proposal of the
European Commission to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 sets Europe on a responsible path to becoming climate neutral by 2050, with the greatest ambition to reduce greenhouse gases and a thorough plan for the next 10 years as part of the Green Deal.

One of the leading partners of C6 is the NGO from Copenhagen, People of 2050, which is working on the long-term scenario of 2050; however, with a strong focus on the present. Since scenario thinking is part of the toolbox of the Consortium, leveraged with creativity as a meta-skill, the process of deep listening and creative problem-solving blends in with impatient urgency and existential fear. A passion for deep listening, both to science and to common sense, is what the creative and cultural sectors promise.

C6 Consortium aims to develop joint initiatives whilst addressing the creative and cultural sectors and to fight against climate change at the same time while promoting innovation, exchange of experience, know-how, and best practices among the consortium partners. As the World Bank in 2020 has stated, “The current COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on deep-rooted systemic inequalities”, the C6 Consortium brings creativity and climate justice together in a triple helix, spiraling forward a global civic culture.

Norwegian Climate Network (Norsk Klimanettverk) brings the Deep Ecology movement forward, backed by the indigenous wisdom from the Nordics and the world. The World of C6 Consortium expresses a raw duty to take better care of what we love, and present a narrative and a love story of compassion for nature.

Celebration of 50 Years of Creativity and Collaboration

The historical scope of the initiative starts from the UNEP First Environmental Conference in Stockholm in 1972 and prepares for the 50 years Celebration in the Summer of 2022. So with the Greta Thunberg movement starting in Stockholm and raising millions of children, youth, and adults to walk the streets on Fridays for Future, C6 strengthens and empowers youth with action on the ground. Greta Thunberg’s response at the PreCOP26 in Milano: “The blah, blah, blah talks from the leaders of the world have to stop. Action on the ground is needed, right now, right here!”

We hope to be part of co-creating and opening a new creative toolbox for youth all around the world. The World of C6 will be launched at COP26 in Glasgow with different workshops both virtual and physical, and to raise a creative tipping point and momentum towards the Summer of 2022 in Stockholm – with a clear message of ACTION NOW – OUR CREATIVITY IS ON FIRE!

It is with urgency and intuitive reflex to respond and find a solution to the alarming existential danger. C6 Consortium brings forward logic and mathematics of the heart, defined in a new compassionate culture of being together in facing the reality of climate change.

What is the future role of the chief value officer in all organizations, not limited to already defined organizations dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), green shift, or the imperative to transit into a circular economy? With this huge question
presented as a reality beyond greenwashing, the World of C6 aims to build back trust into the social contract between youth and the future. The C6 Consortium invites youth to be part, to be visible, and to showcase their creative projects as well as connect with other motivated young people.

With reference to the word business/næringsliv in Scandinavian languages, the consortium is really busy nourishing a life worth living. (Næringsliv literally means nourishing life and giving back value to the society you are part of). The youth within C6 is indeed busy and impatient to bring forward a global creative and collaborative culture and a civic dialogue for a global era, as they already took a virtual part of Swedish Almedalen Political Week this summer.

C6 One World – One Ocean – Thor Heyerdahl`s Lecture in 1972

C6 kicked off its work in the Summer of 2021 and hosted a Virtual Visit to the Kon-Tiki Museum with a special focus on Thor Heyerdahl`s Lecture2
in 1972 from the first UNEP Conference in Stockholm. The C6 partners presented this content in relation to the upcoming UNEP Celebration to take place in Stockholm in June 2022, and with a virtual.

Journal of New Economics

Festival event for January 2023 with active hubs and festivals connecting Norway, Denmark, and Italy.

We align ourselves with stubborn optimism, and we celebrate the goals we are able to meet in a busy-action scheme of creative, collaborative culture and to make nature win in our race to zero. We are ready to plant millions of trees, and see our part both as a new banking and insurance system, and to inspire youth to invest in a creative and collaborative culture, will be an explorative journey!

Welcome to Embark on the Journey of the World of C6!